Advantage+ MRI and Open Advantage MRI – excellence in high-field imaging and the comfort of 2 truly remarkable scanners. For doctors who demand a high field, the Siemens Symphony answers the call. For patients seeking a little more room or who may be claustrophobic, the Siemens Concerto Open MRI is the perfect solution. Both scanners offer a full range of clinical capabilities, housed in a warm, relaxing setting. And all without any radiation.

The benefits begin with our commitment to compassion. Our staff has been carefully chosen to create a caring atmosphere. For patients being scanned on the Siemens Concerto, family and friends are invited to be in the examination room.

Compassion is evident in our pricing and payment policies, too. We believe that no one should be denied access because of financial concerns. In addition, we offer discounts for cash payments at the time of a patient’s visit, or manageable payment schedules if needed. We also offer direct billing to health insurers, eliminating paperwork hassles.

Patients and referring physicians can be confident that Advantage+ MRI and Open Advantage MRI offer the very best in comfort, diagnosis, and science. Both machines are made by Siemens, the world leader in advanced medical electronics.

We are pleased to provide referring physicians with fast, reliable exam reports, typically within 4-6 hours. When a medical situation is urgent, we will respond immediately.

The expertise at Advantage+ MRI and Open Advantage MRI is found in our peerless management and medical team. Using only board certified radiologists specializing in MRI, we offer patients and referring doctors comfort and confidence, knowing reports will be accurate and timely.

The exam usually takes 12-40 minutes, depending on which scanner and what body part(s) is being scanned. You’ll be asked to remove our makeup, eyeglasses watch, jewelry, credit cards, dentures, hearing aids and any other metallic objects you are carrying. Then, the technologist will help you lie down on a customized table. Once positioned, the technologist will then step into the control area, while staying in contact with you both visually and through an intercom.

As the exam proceeds, you will hear a muffled thumping sound. Other than the sound, the MRI creates no bodily sensation. Relax and try to lie as still as possible. Any movement during this time will blur the picture. Before you know it, the exam will be over.

We’ve tried to anticipate every convenience our patients would want. From flexible appointment scheduling around a patient’s needs and activities, to an easy to find, centrally located office, to the personalized approach we take with every patient, we’ve designed our clinic to be as open and friendly as the magnetic resonance imaging we provide.

    So many advantages.

You get them all at Advantage+ MRI and Open Advantage MRI.